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Third and final day at the AbR Media CC2015

Third and final day at the AbR Media convention started with worship led for the second time by husband & wife team, Liesel and Dewalt Marsshall.

Today there was not only singing but a bit of dancing as well. Really great.
Andrew Hass of Trans World Radio led in the corporate prayer by using country profile of Joshua Project. We all prayed for the unreached people groups of Africa.

In the plenary Patrick Kuwana challenged us all to walk together to fulfil the Great Commission. He reminded that walking is a journey to a destination to achieve something and we need to do it as a community - together.

After coffee time Tenkir Teni talked about how to reach Muslims through radio highlighting the radio programmes produced in Ethiopia. How they are able to impact communities with the Gospel.

Rudolf Kabutz gave tips on engaging audiences with the media. All delegates were seen playing with Lego as they construct a suitable message to communicate to non Christians without using religious languages.

Wayne Pederson of Reach Beyond took us on a journey to uncharted territories, reminding us that God has already begun His work, (Isaiah 43) He also reminded us to walk together quoting an African proverb: If you want to go fast - walk alone. If you want to go far - go together.

An open forum was chaired by Jan Erik Nyman where we all prayed for Eritrea. There was also question asked about Audience Research in Africa. Then situation in Burkina Faso was highlighted with the latest coup and for safety of Christians.

Rev. John Thomas gave a closing message on God's Word and God's Spirit challenging the people as to how they view the Bible? He said that people are moulding the word of God to fit into culture rather than the culture to be moulded by God's word.

The convention came to an end with all delegated holding hands creating a circle and praying for each other. It was a mark of unity, togetherness and supporting each other. 4th Continental Convention came to an end and people started their journey back home with new challenges and support.
By Chris Singh