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Prayer letter for January 2013

Dear Praying Friends   At the start of 2013 we thank you for all your prayers last year and thank you for praying with us and the AbR Associates in the year ahead. Even in this early part of the year we have seen turmoil erupt in West Africa, our colleagues there tell us that it has resulted in many people asking questions about life. Please pray for stations working in that area as well as all over Africa, that God will provide for them and meet their specific needs so that they can share the Good News of Jesus and provide His answers.   AbR Steering Committee   LIBERIA, RADIO ELWA Please pray for ELWA Radio in Monrovia, Liberia. The station was set at blaze a year ago now. The reconstruction work will soon begin. Pray that God will provide the funding.
Pray that our radio program will continue to transform lives and that we will give ourselves fully to it.
Our shortwave broadcast has been off the air for about a year now. Plans are being worked out for it's resumption. Keep us in your prayers. Moses Nyantee
KENYA, TWR Prayer Requests 1. For the Diguna team working to finalize on the new mast for the station in Lodwar and that the signal link from the studio to the new site will work well. Pray that more development agencies will come to partner with Maata Radio with the ex-tended reach. 2. For the need of a new generator for Lodwar to power the station as the place experiences prolonged power blackouts. 3. Pray that the Lord would choose to favor and honor the plans put in place for Resource mobilization this year and in the years to come. That we will get sponsor-ship for the programmes we desire to pro-duce to reach our people for Christ. 4. Please remember the nation of Kenya in prayer as we go to the elections on March 4th. We are praying for peace and against any form of post election violence. We are praying for leaders of God’s choice. 5. Pray with us for continued provision for our ministry in these challenging times and that our staff will remain encouraged. Thanks for your partnership in the gospel. Blessings in Christ, Bernice Gatere.
SIERRA LEONE, RADIO NEW SONG Hi, Please pray for God's provision and protection for our staff and the Radio ministry as a whole in Sierra Leone. Our radio, Radio New Song based in Bo, Sierra Leone reaches out to 1.5 million people and we have seen many people of other faiths saved and many churches planted to the glory of God. We need prayers for greater success, greater influence, greater power, and greater protection. Blessings, Shodankeh
TWR Africa Mozambique – Praise God that after many years of prayer and perseverance TWR Mozambique has been granted the first FM Christian network license for the whole of Mozambique. Pray that God will provide funds for the on-going costs and help the team with their business plan for the Fm project. Witness at the Water, a Project Samuel initiative. Project Samuel is the main umbrella for TWR Africa children's ministry. This drama series teaches African children about the love and saving grace of Jesus. Pray that hurting children will be reached for Jesus and will be comforted by these programmes.   NIGERIA
  1. Praise God that despite the violence and threats the Kanuri programs are being aired.
  2. Thank God that our dream to establish stations before 2017 along the North are on track.
  3. Pray that Evangelist A now has returned from meetings in Togo much ready to face our challenges in productions with CPM, emphasis in our diaspora, recording abilities and discipleships using correspondence styles that are now in place.
Rev. Samaila M. Mangu   ETHIOPIA I am writing from the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus - Yemsirach Dimts Communication Services (EECMY-YDCS) here in Ethiopia. We are broadcasting the gospel message to the 86 million Ethiopian people in seven local languages on radio. Therefore, please pray for us to get more doors to reach these people effectively using the radio. God bless you, Wakshuma   IBRA MEDIA Pray for the evaluation and development of the online training, Distancemedia. A major change of focus and way of working is in the pipeline. Pay for wisdom for the leadership and developers. Pray for the seminar on church planting and media that will take place towards the end of February in Arusha, Tanzania. Pray for wisdom and inspiration to identify new ways to establish fellowships of believers among unreached peoples. Jan-Erik Nyman   SWAZILAND, RADIO VOICE OF THE CHURCH We are grateful for having prayer partners. Please pray for:
1. The spirit of unity among staff and Board members
2. For wisdom into a more fruitful ministry, in reaching out with the Good News of Jesus Christ. God bless you, Pastor Richard Dlamini   SOUTH AFRICA, RADIO PULPIT With regards to the prayer requests we would like to include the following: We want to thank the Lord for technology such as social media and other forms of active media that enable us to spread the Word and minister to more people. However, we realise that our young people today are exposed to a unique complex environment filled with social and political concern.We need the Lord's guidance and wisdom on how to minister to our young audience (providing us with resources) thus making an impact in our country. We also need wisdom as to how to equip the parents on addressing the concerns our youth face today. Regards, Ankia du Plessis, group Manager: Support Services   TANZANIA, RADIO UZIMA Pray with us as we have experienced many equipment breakdowns in 2012. We are looking forward to 2013 with the Lord as our Victor. Failure is impossible with Him, difficult as it may be or seem. God bless, Richard Mbuta RADIO AFRICA NETWORK Praise God that a station in North West Africa has gone on air. Pray for many to hear God’s answers to their questions about life through this station. Pray for God to lead those who run it. Central African Republic – pray that stability will return to the nation and that a planned station will soon be on air. Pray that God will meet the local needs of the station and prepare the hearts of the people in the broadcast area to receive the Gospel when the station goes on air. Sandy Day
ANGOLA, TWR Greetings in Jesus name. Below you have the TWR-Angola prayer request: 1. Acquisition of FM license for Luanda and Lubango cities
2. Finance sustainability
3. God provision in purchase of new radio equipments for the studios 
  Best regards, Kalumba Alfredo   GALCOM INTL. Burkina Faso - A container with Galcom radios and other ministry tools was delivered to Burkina Faso. Pray that they will be very effective in bringing the Gospel to the lives of people, particularly in Fada. South Sudan- Praise the Lord for the impact of radio on the village of a former Bible school student, who commented, “Before we had the radio (station) 50 people were coming to church. Now, many people are interested in church because they hear the Bible stories on the radio and they come to church wanting to hear more. Now, 200 or 300 are coming to church.” Pray that they will grow in their faith that the message will spread widely in that community.   AFRICA MEDIA TRAINERS FORUM Pray that many will be able to attend the AMT meetings on 9+10 September in Nairobi and that training across the continent will be enhanced as the Lord gives wisdom in planning training events and mobilising trainers. Pray that many African trainers will be trained up in the coming year that will be able to train others in local languages.   AFRICA BY RADIO Liberia – pray for the Associate meetings in Monrovia on 20 and 21 March, 2013. Pray for many church and mission representatives to be able to attend as well as radio personnel and that the Lord will help us so that together we reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. Kenya – pray for the Steering Committee as they work on the arrangements for the 3rd Continental Convention in Nairobi from 11-13 September, 2013. Pray that God will provide all that is needed for the convention and the delegates will receive information that will help them in their work for the Lord.