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Prayer letter for May 2012

Hello, Thank you for praying with our colleagues in radio ministry.
Dear Friends   Here are items for prayer from our colleagues in various parts of Africa. In FEBA Radio’s recent Weekly Prayer Notes they reported that studies show up to 25 people are impacted by a single radio (receiver) in rural villages and communities of the world. When one thinks of the impact that one radio receiver has, we begin to get a picture of the impact Christian radio is having through your efforts and the efforts of others, here in Africa. Yet, there is still much to be done. Ps 127v1 tells us that unless the Lord builds a house the builders build in vain. If we want to build the Lord’s Kingdom through radio we do well to lay the foundations through prayer. It is our privilege to share these prayer requests with you and to invite you to pray that through Christian radio broadcasts people will hear about salvation through Jesus Christ in their own languages and that they will become true disciples of Him and share their faith with others. God bless you in the work you are doing, you are in our prayers.   Sandy, for Africa by Radio Steering Committee.     Prayer requests follow:   WoomaNet Radio - SOUTH AFRICA and the DiasporaWe thank God that at the end of 2011 added a 2nd playlist for WoomaNet Radio for the exclusive use of WMBA (World Mission Broadcast Africa). In March 2012 a 3rd playlist was added (EduNet) for our “Christian Educational Network for Ministry & Leadership Development”. In April, WoomaNet Radio's mobi-site was activated and tested successfully, making it possible to “stream” or “download” any of WoomaNet Radio's programmes (from any of its 3 playlists) via cellphone or tablet, anywhere in the world. These are available from May 2012. This is another “world first” for Christian Internet radio-on-demand. Although this was a costly exercise and put a strain on our finances, we could settle all bills. Glory to God! Many thanks for your prayers and support of our radio programme production & supply ministry, Rudie van Heerden.   Association of Christian Media - SOUTH AFRICAThe Association of Christian Media Conference 2012 will be taking place 7-9 June, please pray for the Conference and our team of coordinators. Natalie Turco.     SIM Radio PartnersDear Radio Colleagues, Thank you for your prayers for these crucial concerns. Blessings! Stan Bruning, SIM Radio Advisor. COTE D’IVOIRE - The radio drama on reconciliation has begun airing. Pray that people will listen to it, understand the important lessons discussed, and that God will use these episodes to bring about changes in attitudes among those who still harbor bitterness and resentment in their hearts. There are still rumors that some eventual new attack will take place in order to restore the former ruling party to power. Le feuilleton radiophonique sur la réconciliation a commencé à être diffusée. Priez que personnes va l'écouter, comprendre les leçons importantes examinées, et que Dieu utilisera ces épisodes pour apporter des changements dans les attitudes parmi ceux qui abritent encore amertume et de ressentiment dans leurs coeurs. Il y a encore des rumeurs qu'une éventuelle nouvelle attaque aura lieu afin de rétablir l'ancien parti au pouvoir. Pray that God will provide consolation to the family of one of our radio announcers who was killed in a car accident in late March.. Ask God to comfort his wife and family members during their time of grief. LIBERIA Over the past few months the statement of Jesus where He said in Mathew 16:18, "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it", has often come to my mind. It is easy to question why God has allowed the ELWA studio to burn down and the government of Liberia to threaten to take some of the ELWA land, thus putting the building of the new ELWA hospital by Samaritan's Purse on hold. We know God is sovereign, and when He says He will build his church that He will do it and nothing will stop Him. I have come to realize that it is only up to us to ask God what part He wants us to have and then to do it. ELWA Radio shortwave is still down; please pray that the SW broadcast can get back on the airwaves for the people upcountry and beyond the Liberian borders to hear the gospel, especially so in their native languages.    Galcom Intl.RWANDA - Greetings all, At Galcom we are excited to be working with Bible Voice Broadcasting to assist with expanding “Restore FM for Pastor Joseph in Kigali. Please pray as we sort out dates for installation of the new equipment and details of erecting the new tower. TANZANIA - We are praying and working to raise the funds to replace the antenna for “Living Water FM” in Mwanza, Tanzania. We want to replace that antenna soon. Thanks, Dave Casement.    FEBA RadioMOZAMBIQUE – Pray that the programmes produced in Portuguese and Shangaan, will bring results as listeners hear the Word of God in their own languages. Pray for the producers that God will give them wisdom and direction as they prepare the programmes. Moçambique – Pray que os programas produzidos em português e Shangaan, trará resultados como ouvintes ouvirem a palavra de Deus nas suas próprias línguas. Ore para os produtores que Deus lhes dará sabedoria e direção de preparação dos programas.    Radio Africa NetworkCENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – we continue to wait for the license to be signed for Damara. Please pray that this will be signed soon. MADAGASCAR – Pray for the churches in the North who want to start a radio station. Pray that their talks with partners will bring results. Pray that a license will be given and that God will provide for the needs.    TWRTWR is mobilising a project to reach two of the many tribes of north-eastern Nigeria. This initiative is called, Peace Messages – it is a radio programme that focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation. Please pray for our partners in Nigeria, along with the people of Nigeria, and specifically for the support of theis project. Please ask God to graciously undertake and provide for us so that we can reach needy, unreached people with the Gospel during times of crisis.    HCJB GlobalSUB SAHARAN AFRICA – Praise God for the radio stations that the team has been able to establish in partnership with local Christians. Pray that many people will hear the Word of God through these broadcasts and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour. Pray that the Healthcare arm of HCJB will be effective in WASH projects where ministry partners work alongside radio partners and together they rally communities to construct clean water systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Pray that their work will be effective in reducing the many deaths in the region caused by waterborne diseases.   2K Plus Internationals Sports MediaThank the Lord that He has enabled the production of our weekly sports programme, Planet Sport which goes out over 30 stations worldwide. Give thanks to God for the French stations particularly in West Africa who are taking up the offer of the French Olympic Service from 2K Plus. Pray for the 2K Plus team that will gather to serve African stations in English and French languages from London during the Olympic Games.   Pray that we will be able to meet the programming needs of many stations and websites in Africa via our weekly PLANET SPORT programme and the OLYMPIC SERVICES in English and French. Pray for the collaboration during the Olympics with One Sheep (a joint new media project between FEBA-UK and HCJB) as we expand our use of media to include video, blogs and social networking. Finally, pray for the listeners and readers that hear and read the 2K Plus programming material, that they may be challenged and blessed through it.   AFRICA MEDIA TRAINERS FORUMPray for the meetings planned for Douala, Cameroon on 10+11 September 2012. Possible training events are being planned to precede the meetings. Pray for trainers to be available and that God will help them as they prepare the courses that are needed in the region.    AFRICA BY RADIOPraise God for the well attended meetings in Madagascar. We are glad to have met new associates and for the chance to tell them about the work of AbR. We learned from them where the need is for more Christian broadcasts in Madagascan languages and the need for Christian radio stations to be established where there are none. Pray that God will raise up Malagasy people with the vision to start these projects and that He will supply all that is needed. Pray for the forthcoming AbR meetings that will take place alongside the Africa Media Trainers meetings in Douala, Cameroon from 12-14 September, 2012. Pray for the planning of the meetings that God will provided venues and accommodations. Pray that many local and regional station personnel will be able to attend and that those who wish to attend will have the means to do so.   Please also pray for God to direct the forthcoming AbR Continental Convention plans for Nairobi, Kenya in September, 2013.