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Prayer letter for November 2014

Dear Praying Friends In this season we take time to give thanks for the greatest gift of all – God’s Son, our Lord Jesus.   As the year draws to a close you can probably recall many challenges that you have had to overcome, however, you can probably recall as many answers to prayer for which you give thanks to the Lord.   Here are a few prayer requests from some of our associates, thank you for praying with them so that they, too,  may give thanks to the Lord for His answers and blessings.   God bless you and your loved ones in 2015, The AbR Steering Committee
Burkina Faso Radio Evangile Developpment As you know, due to the national situation, the evangelistic program that was from 15 to 16 November was postponed to December 20 to 21 with a week of humanitarian activities. Continue to pray for us that God gives us the wisdom and strength to carry out this activity. I come back to you for more news. In the meantime, please accept my very fraternal greetings in Christ we serve with joy. Etienne Kiemdé   Le studio Chant Joyeux a obtenu l'autorisation d'implanter une radio FM  R V K ( Radio Viim Koeega). Nous demandons votre soutien dans la prière pour son ouverture et nous celebrons egalement notre cinquantenaire du Studio Chant Joyeux et Viim Koeega. 1964- 2014. Koala Michel.   Cameroon - Revival Gospel Ministries/Christian Communication Network The second edition of operation Ten Thousand souls for Christ kicked off in November, 2014 With preachers from about 25 churches in town preaching 8 hours everyday till the 31st of  the month. Join us to pray and or support this venture to depopulate hell and populate heaven. Our main objective is to win ten Thousand souls for Christ in our city and environs. Your prayers and support is highly coveted. Thank you so very much. Rev. Dr. Tembi Alfred Tembi   One Sheep - We have started to build a prayer app in faith- a tool to encourage and organise prayer. The entire world is being changed by mobile devices, and our app will help individuals, groups, organisations and churches experience more connected, responsive, exciting prayer lives. It will encourage prayer and be a powerful prayer tool in a pocket.  Please ask the Lord to: help us raise funding to fully complete the first version of the app. Lead investors and donors to hear then to help get it done. Provide sufficient sponsorship, for the rest of the project. Motivate our team as we step out in faith.   Mark Taylor.
Zambia -Turning Point Media Ministries. Pray for our peace as a Nation and for me as I present programs on Radio, apart from my normal ones, to encourage this. Stay blessed, Bishop Elvis Mwewa.   Radio Africa Network Madagascar – pray that a license application which has been submitted for the NE of the country will be granted soon. Mali – Pray that licenses for the NW of the country will also be granted soon. Technical – pray for favour with visa applications and arrangements for a young family planning to move to Cape Town early next year to help with technical aspects.   Mozambique - Radio Wimbe Pray that the new building for the station will be completed without difficulty or delay. Pray the current landlord will give an extension on the existing lease until the building is completed.   Mali – Association Chrétienne de la Communication au Mali (ACCM) Nous sommes de coeur avec les pays frontaliers avec la Mali et qui traverssent l'épidemie de Ebola. Nous ne cessons de prier pour eux dans nos communautés tous les Dimanches. Priez pour que Dieu continu d'epargner le Mali. Pour preserver les populations le gouvernement est entrain d'utiliser les reseaux sociaux, télé, et radios pour sensibilisation afin que les populations adoptent une discipline comportementale en matière d'igène et d'assainissement. Prier pour la population malienne  respecte ce mot d'ordre du gouvernement qui n'est que salutaire. Merci et bonne journée. Rev Abdias Diarra.   2K Plus Please Pray....  * for the impact and effectiveness of Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes, particularly as listeners hear honest testimonies from professional sports people like Kerron Stewart and Regas Woods.  * Thank God for a great summer with many interviews and a lot of material gathered at the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the Diamond League Athletics meet.  * for God's provision for the work of 2K Plus. We are so thankful for his faithfulness in meeting our needs and the way he does so through generous supporters, churches and trusts. Pray that people will respond to the recent newsletter by making a donation.   * for the staff and Board of Directors as they meet this weekend to discuss future projects and developments in the ministry. Pray for wisdom, vision and unity as we pray and plan together.     In Christ,  Adrian Barnard.   AbR Ebola – pray for the many stations airing Ebola prevention programming that their broadcasts will be effective in halting the spread of this disease.  Pray that they will be able to minister God’s comfort to the families affected and bereaved by the disease.  Pray for the production houses producing Ebola programming that God will help them and that the programmes will be effectively distributed.   Benin – Praise God for the formation of the Africa by Radio Benin provisory Organizing Committee, which met in October 2014 in Cotonou to prepare the launching of their network.  Pray that they will see much fruit from their labours.   Training – praise God for the successful training events in Pemba, Mozambique and Lilongwe, Malawi.  Pray that the stations who received training from the Africa Media Trainers will benefit and that many will be brought to Christ as a result of their broadcasts.   AbR Continental Convention, 16-18 September, 2015 – pray for AbR staff and for preparations for this popular event, which is planned to take place in Johannesburg.