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Prayer letter for February 2014

Dear Friends We trust you have had a blessed start to 2014 and that you will know the Lord’s provision and His greatness in ministry, in the year ahead. 
Heb 5v7 says, “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission”. Heb 4v16 encourages us to, “Approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Because of the death and resurrection of Christ we have the confidence to know that God is not only able to help but is listening to our prayers. As we bring our requests and petitions, as well as those of others, before almighty God, let us pray as Jesus did. God bless, Africa by Radio Steering Committee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Radio Maranatha, Benin: Warm greetings of the season, our prayer requests are as follows:- 1) Pray for success of AbR programme (in Cotonou) in March 2014 2) Pray for success of funds raising for the construction of the headquarter of Radiotelevision Maranatha 3) Pray for the propagation of gospel in Benin Republic to break the extension of idolatry in Benin 4) Pray for the propagation of gospel in Parakou: Northern area.   Theovision International, Ghana: Praise the Lord that more people are hearing God's Word in their own language and many have found a new life in Jesus through the Audio Bible. Pray that God will help Theovision to open 300 new Bible listening groups in 2014, a year when Theovision turns 25 years old.   Galcom International: Praise the Lord for Galcom’s 25th year in ministry. Pray for a breakthrough as audio Bibles are distributed to an unreached people group in Ghana. Pray for the outreach of the Chemi Chemi ya Uzima medical clinic in the Kenya slum area of Kibera, which has amillion residents. Pray that the audio Bibles will minister to the sick and poor that visit the clinic. Pray for success in loading ‘Answers in Genesis’ material on ImpaX players tuned to Operation Nehemiah in South Sudan. Pray that increasing secularization in the school system will be counteracted as the community hears the word of God. Pray for a recent order of 1,000 Go-Ye radios to arrive safely in Nigeria and that many people will hear the gospel as a result of receiving them.   Radio Umucyo, Rwanda: Happy new year, Umucyo Community Radio has selected the prayer request of the year ,we would like to have our own place our own house, the owner has increased rent slowly and now we pay many US$ each month, we need to have our own place, pray for that.   Revival Gospel Ministries, Cameroon: Some prayer topics for our radio station. 1.Thank God for successful and a hitch free 2013. 2. Pray for protection and provision for 2014 3. Our goal is to add more radio programs this year. 4. Pray for funding for our TV station to begin this year.   Roger Cook, UK: We are still waiting for news from Mbuji-Mayi (DRC) about training and installation of a new station – a possible joint venture between the ECC and Radio Sango Malamu. We are also planning further trips to Cameroon to evaluate possible projects in Ebolowa and Ndoungue, both in the south. Further ahead, in collaboration with MediAfrique (Lomé) another FdF is planned for September. Please pray for much wisdom in progressing these events.   TWR, Project Hannah: Please pray for Project Hannah and Norea Media Mission (Norway) as they partner with others in Africa to provide spiritual guidance and practical medical information to women, many who do not read, concerning the consequences of female genital mutilation and fistulas. Pray for the Ethiopian Ari women producing the Healing Voice programs and for the writing of the blueprint English scripts. Please pray for wisdom and understanding for writers producing “Women of Hope” programs for oral communicators, who learn best from experience, association, repetition, and interaction.   Radio Beledougou, Mali: Sujet de prière: 1) Nous louons le seigneur pour le bon déroulement des élections (présidentiel et législative) au mali 2)Prions pour que le pays reste laïc et dé que le pays soit ouvert à l'évangile. 3)prions pour que les radios chrétiennes puissent se maintenir dans les radios émergents au mali.   Radio Africa Network: South Africa – pray for those starting an internet radio station in an informal settlement that God will help them and that the station will bring many to Christ, particularly young people. Pray for them as they attend training that they will be well equipped for the work ahead. Madagascar – pray that the license for Maroantsetra will soon be signed. Central African Republic – pray for stability and peace and that the door will be opened for a peace- promoting, Gospel radio station to be installed there soon. Pray that God will help us to proclaim that the only hope for this dying world is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Radio Sinaï, Cote D'ivoire: Je vous demande de prier pour la Radio SINAI de Korhogo en Cote d'Ivoire. Nous souhaitons installer un relais en 2014. Nous n'avons pas encore l'argent nécessaire. La deuxième prière, nous n'avons pas encore les papiers qu'il faut. Prier afin que Dieu nous donne les papiers et l'argent pour faire ce travail.   Reach Beyond (Formerly HCJB Global): Praise the Lord for close to 500 local stations in over 100 countries that have been planted in order to help local Christians reach their communities for Christ. Pray that God will continue to use the health side of the ministry in medical training, community health, clean water wells and disaster relief so that people are shown His "hands".   IBRA: Pray for IBRA’s shortwave, medium wave, satellite and Internet broadcasting to reach people across Africa and that people will find a personal relationship with Jesus as a result.   Radio Pulpit/UCB Africa, South Africa: The Pulpit Media Group/UCB Africa is leading the rollout of DRM into SA/Southern Africa. Our second DRM-ready transmitter has just been delivered and we plan to start DRM test/trial broadcasts within the next month. Please pray for this initiative .   Radio Here is Life, Uganda: Please pray for- 1. For the February training that the trainer will have safe journey and that the staff will be in good health and spirit. 2. For finances that there will be enough funds to cover the staff expenses especially as the new Station Manager takes office and that lack of funds will not discourage her. 3. Pray for our need of a Marketing Manager. 4. Thank God for DIGUNA for upgrading the studio equipment. The listeners are already appreciating the quality of the sound production.   FEBA Radio: We thank God that FEBC’s team was able to assemble our portable suitcase studio and transmitter and get on the air so quickly, as well as distributing more than 1000 windup and solar powered fixed channel radios. FEBC is one of the only sources for life-saving information to people struggling to stay alive. In a statement issued by the UN, specific mention is made of the huge role that our First Response Radio played in the tragedy and devastation, raging through the city of Tacloban in the Philippines.   Africa by Radio: AbR and RAMER have partnered in a joint meeting in Cotonou, Benin from 19-21 March, 2014. Please pray for all the arrangements to go well and for God to provide for people to be able to attend. Pray that Church leaders, missionaries as well as media workers will be able to attend and that their ministries will be enhanced as a result of the information and training they receive. Pray for new relationships to be developed between church and media that will extend the Kingdom of God in new ways. AbR et RAMER sont associés à une réunion conjointe à Cotonou du 19 au 21 mars 2014. Veuillez prier pour toutes les dispositions pour aller bien et pour Dieu pour fournir des gens pour y assister. Prie pour que les dirigeants de l'église, de missionnaires, mais aussi des travailleurs des médias pourront assister et que leurs ministères seront améliorées à la suite de l'information et de la formation qu'ils reçoivent. Priez pour les nouvelles relations entre l'église et les médias qui se prolongera le Royaume de Dieu dans de nouveaux moyens.   Africa Media Trainers: Two days of training in Writing for Radio will be offered in Cotonou, Benin on 17 and 18 March, 2014, DV. Pray for the trainers as they prepare. Pray for arrangements and journeys to go well for trainers and participants. Pray for effective training that will be utilized to reach many for Christ. Deux jours de formation par écrit pour la Radio sera offert à Cotonou (Bénin), les 17 et 18 mars 2014, DV. Priez pour les formateurs dans leur préparation. Priez pour les arrangements et les voyages d'aller bien pour les formateurs et les participants. Prier pour une formation efficace qui serviront à atteindre la plupart pour le Christ.