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Prayer letter for August 2013

Dear Friends and Associates Once again we have the privilege of sending out a prayer letter so we can pray for the needs within the AbR family.  We bring our requests before our Father God who hears each one and is able to answer. God bless, Sandy For AbR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TWR Pray for broadcasts going out over MW across Southern Africa from Swaziland.  Ask that many will turn to Jesus and love Him more. Kenya – there are many opportunities for Fm broadcasts to the towns of Mandera and Wajir.  Ask that the Lord will make this a reality. Pray for a mast to enlarge the reach of Sifa Fm, Marsabit. Pray that the plan to distribute 200 listening devices loaded with children’s programmes and 1000 books will bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.   WOOMANET Programmes on the “HomeTown Radio” playlist will be available for sharing with community radio stations. Please pray for the Lord's blessing on this project, for His provision, and that many lives will be touched and changed. RADIO BELEDOUGOU KOLOKANI, MALI Pray for peace in Mali and the return of refugees in their respective cities and for our Christian radios which crosses a difficult time on the economic plans pray for the successful holding of the elections in Mali and that God forgive us and gives us a president who fears God.   ONE SHEEP We are thrilled to announce OneSheep was officially registered as a Charity in England and Wales on 7 May 2013. Celebrate with us, and thank you for praying. All the glory goes to God. Last month we sent out a prayer request by email asking you to specifically pray for our registration.  We are so thankful for each of the 59 of you who told us that you took the time to stop and pray. God does answer prayer - we are encouraged by your faithfulness in support of us, and all He has planned for OneSheep. One Sheep is a new media strategy for outreach to the next generation, pray for effectiveness in this work.   RADIO IVYIZIGIRO, BURUNDI We have 2 prayer requests: One of our transmitters is not functioning, it needs big reparations. Pray for our country as they are starting to prepare for 2015 elections.   RADIO AFRICA NETWORK Madagascar – Maroantsetra.  Please pray for favour with the licensing authorities.  Pray for God to open doors for all the arrangements that need to be made.  Pray for the pastors and other workers in Madagascar that God will watch over them and help them with all the arrangements and work. Pray that God will use this radio station to bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.    FEBA RADIO SOUTH AFRICA Malawi - Pray for the Fm station in Ndengu region at the southern tip of lake Malawi, which broadcasts the Words of Eternal life to an estimated 80 000 Yao listeners daily in their native ChiYao language. Only 2% of this people group are estimated to be Christian, pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to many people through the broadcasts of the station.   LIVING WATERS FM, TANZANIA Our request now we need the Tower for the station because since we started the radio we are still renting the tower which is very expensive. We need the 2KW transmitter since we want to go beyond we are now and reach many people, also the new STL since the one we have was damaged by the power even though we are using it, it is not in a good condition, also we need the professional mixing desk which can allow the three mic and telephone item, the hybrid telephone also was damaged and not working at the moment.   GALCOM INTL Praise God for the Ken Crowell Legacy Project to help reach the unengaged “Leemah” people of Ghana with the Gospel. Pray that many will come alongside the Galcom ministry to help reach these needy people with the Gospel. Thank God for the opportunity we have to send thousands of Galcom radios to ministry partners in South Sudan. Pray that many in this war-torn land will respond as they hear the Gospel message proclaimed on these radios.   HARVEST Fm, LESOTHO Pray about a VAT agreement with the tax office, that we can soon settle it. Pray that God will provide for our financial needs. I am looking for a site to build Harvest fm building so that we will not pay rent anymore, instead we will be able to make some income out of part of our building, I wish to get it this year so that at least next year we start to build and also we need God so provide for that building. We need to start a television station and our prayer request is that we need provision for that vision. Prayer for the Magazine to be able to publish on time and be sustainable and have many adverts inside that will be able to pay for the production of the magazine. I need prayer also for Gods wisdom to be able to understand what He wants me to do for His kingdom and the anointing as well.   THEOVISION, GHANA Pray that the second Global Partners Training event with Moody Radio and Theovision International, from the 18-21 June, 2013 in Ghana, will be a success and that God will use the training to equip many to effectively broadcast the Gospel.   Pray for God to strengthen and equip all those organising and teaching in the event.    REFORMED FAITH AND LIFE Pray that God will bless the re print and sale of my books in South Africa, which go exclusively to fund our ministry activities. Mali – Reformed Faith and Life remains committed to this particular mission field and is in particular intent on helping a particular radio station to rebuild its broadcasting capacity as soon as proper conditions prevail. Pray for God to provide this opportunity. May we all, as good and faithful soldiers of Christ, keep working together through prayer, support, and mutual encouragement, so that the reality of God’s Kingdom becomes more and more visible on earth. May His Word and Spirit govern the hearts and minds of a growing number of redeemed men, women and children.   AFRICA BY RADIO Praise the Lord for the excellent turn out to the AbR meetings in Monrovia, Liberia in March.  Pray that many more radio stations will be established in the various towns of Liberia so that many more people in Liberia will be reached with the Gospel. Pray for the AbR Continental Convention from 11-13 September 2013 in Kenya.  Pray that God will watch over all arrangements and provide for many delegates to attend.  Pray that the speakers and breakout sessions will help and equip all who attend. - Pray that church and media can find each other in joint strategies to reach their communities and nations and have transformational impact. - Pray media leaders will have a vision to impact their communities for a positive change. - Pray media leaders and producers alike will be filled with the love and passion of the Holy Spirit to reach out to the lost. - Pray that more programs will be produced for children and youth fostering a Godly lifestyle and future leaders with a Biblical based ethical code. - Pray that media houses will be power houses from where God's power to change and transformation will spread across nations. - Pray that Social Media and New Technology can be used wisely and for a purpose by media houses, churches and individuals to the Glory of God.