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Who we are

AbR Media is a network of associated, equal partners that recognizes the work of existing local, regional and international media bodies working in Africa. Therefore, mechanisms have been put in place that allow AbR Media to be as inclusive as possible of all these organizations so that together we can support the spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across Africa.

Why AbR Media?

At a meeting in Burkina Faso in July/August 2004 a forum of various Christian broadcasters working across Africa, was asked to think in a new way about strategy in Africa . Through discussion they could find ways to co-operate and work together pro-actively so that, with God’s help, the broadcast industry would be maximised at all levels.

Code of Professional Practice

It is now widely recognised that media is an essential means to influence the society and impart knowledge and motivation to enable progress both for individuals and society at large. Media entertainment also needs to be ethically and morally sound and relevant as it has great influence on the direction of the society.

How we operate

Guidelines for the activities of AbR Media are expressed in the AbR Media Memorandum of Understanding.

The Laussanne covenant

AbR Media subscribes to the Lausanne Covenant as it's Statement of Faith.

The founders

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